Seeking Answers

In the last blog, we discussed Nancy Pearcey’s book Finding Truth.  Another reason I appreciate this book is Pearcey’s emphasis on having reasons for our faith instead of just accepting what is taught.  In the foreword to her book, J. Richard Pearcey states that Christians should “think for themselves, question authority, examine evidence, and push for answers that make sense of our world”. [1]  And that is exactly what we do in this blog.

Why is it necessary to admonish Christians to have reasons for our faith?  It is because when a worldview does not square with the facts the adherents generally “suppress the things that their worldview cannot explain, walling them off into a conceptual area separate from reality”. [2]  Is that not what Christians have done with the doctrine of salvation?  Our blog of February 28, 2017 details one contradiction in the Christian doctrine of salvation.  Previous blogs and my book detail a total of three contradictions that Christianity has not addressed.  Why has Christianity ignored these issues?

Pearcey points out that a major reason people leave Christianity is because they could not get answers to their doubts and questions.  In fact, they could not even get the church to treat their questions seriously.  [3]  If we have contradictions that are at the heart of one of our major doctrines, we must resolve it.  Otherwise, our worldview is no better than any other and those who think for themselves, who seek answers that make sense of our world, and who question authority will continue to leave Christianity.


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