Of Being Very Sure

In an article on the impact black holes have on galaxies and the various theories scientists have about that subject, John Kormendy notes that “Scientists get very sure of things that they think they’re very sure of.  And sometimes they’ve been wrong—and when they are, it’s a hell of a job to change the folklore”. [1]

We are no different than the scientists.  In his Curious Cat blog, John Hunter notes that it is difficult for all of us to change.  Part of the problem is that once we invest so much in a particular way of thinking, to change that way of things means what we have done in the past is wasted. [2]  And none of us like to think we have wasted a considerable part of our lives. But regardless of what it costs us we should follow the advice of a Turkish proverb:  “No matter how long you have been on the wrong road, turn back.”

Now Christians can use what is stated above to convince someone to become a Christian.  In fact that is what Christianity is all about—admitting our failures and resolving to take a new direction.  However, we should also follow this Turkish proverb when we encounter problems with our beliefs.  For example, in this blog and in my book we have raised three questions about the Christian doctrine of salvation.  For centuries, Christianity has not addressed those questions.  In this blog we have proposed a solution but accepting that solution requires that we change some of our beliefs about our doctrine of salvation.  Will we continue down the wrong road on which Christianity has been or will we turn back?


[1]   John Kormendy as quoted in Camille M. Carlisle, “Of Black Holes and Galaxies”, Sky & Telescope, February 2017, p. 20.

[2]   Gerald Suarez as quoted by John Hunter, http://management.CuriousCatblog.net, June 25, 2014.

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