No One Can Know

In a review of the TV movie Resurrection, a critic states that the idea that “no one can know” is an erroneous platitude and criticizes the movie for a character who expresses the view that John the Baptist was correct in asking whether Jesus was truly was the Messiah because no one can truly know where Christ came from.  The critic emphatically states that every Christian should know exactly where Christ was before he came to earth.  [1]

The only way we can know where Christ was before he came to earth is from what the Bible teaches us.  It is no question that we can know how someone interprets what the Bible says about where Jesus was but how do we know that interpretation is correct?  Just because some interpretation is widely accepted, does that automatically mean it is true?  There are plenty of examples in history where the majority was not correct and that includes the history of Christianity.

It is a fact that God created us finite.  The implications of being finite include the fact that in certain areas it is true that we cannot know.  Paul tells us we see in a mirror dimly and what we know is only part of reality (I Corinthians 13:12).  The entire books of Ecclesiastes and Job teach us about our limits.

The task for us is to discern between what we can know and what we cannot.  And just because an idea is included in the doctrines of our particular faith does not make it true.


[1]   Megan Basram, “Signs of Life”, World, April 5, 2014, p. 28.

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