Like Christ has a poll on whether Jesus would approve of modern Christianity if he suddenly appeared on earth today.  Overwhelmingly the poll says he would not.  The highest percentage of the various categories that said he would approve was 25% but the vast majority were in the single digits.

Now this is not a scientific poll; it is just a poll of people who visit this web site.  However, this poll is not the only source of information on how people view Christianity.  Ghandi said:   “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians — you are not like him.” [1]  Evidently Ghandi would agree with the results of this poll.

Dan Merchant’s book Lord Save Us from Your Followers asks:  “What are Christian people known for?”  The answer is generally not positive. [2]  Why is Jesus so well thought of but his followers are not?

The answer is that we have a faith that emphasizes a belief system, not a faith that is lived each day.  We are more concerned that we have the correct belief system than we are that our soul is changed so it becomes like Christ.


[1]   Stanley E. Jones, The Christ of the Indian Road, New York: The Abingdon Press,1925, p. 114.

[2]   Dan Merchant, Lord Save Us from Your Followers, Nashville, TN:  Thomas Nelson, 2008.

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