Finding Truth

I had known of Nancy Pearcey’s book, Finding Truth, for some time but had never read it.  Recently my step brother, David, suggested that I read it.  So I took his advice and I am glad I did.

The premise of Pearcey’s book is that while all different worldviews have an element of truth [1], they at some point are deficient.  By deficient she means their philosophy does not fit the facts we observe in our world or is not logically consistent. [2]  Pearcey does an excellent job of showing how the dominate worldviews of our time are deficient.

Pearcey’s book mainly points out the deficiencies of worldviews other than Christianity.  She does not spend a great deal of time defining the Christian worldview or defending it other than to point out the Christian worldview better fits the data we have available to us.

Does the Christian worldview have any deficiencies?  Pearcey does not mention any.  However, look at my last blog.  The Christian doctrine of salvation has a glaring deficiency when it states that anyone who wants to be saved must believe in Jesus and his death for our sins and yet a majority of people who have ever lived have not heard of Jesus or have an erroneous view of Jesus.  How could a loving and just God require us to do what a majority of us cannot do?  Pearcey states that “any inconsistency within a system of thought discredits it” [3] and “internal contradictions are fatal to any worldview”. [4]  So why do Christians not want to address this issue?

In Matthew 7, Jesus tells us to address our own short comings before we criticize others for their faults.  Maybe we Christians should address the inconsistency and contradiction in our doctrines before we judge the worldview of others.


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