The Right Kind of Christian

Ana Maria Cox is undoubtedly to the left, politically speaking, of most Christians.  When she became a Christian, she was told she was going to hell because she was not the right kind of Christian. [1]  What exactly is the right kind of Christian?

We Christians have a tendency to think other Christians should be like us, believe like us, and behave like us.  We think our interpretation of the Bible is correct.  However, as we have mentioned before, how we do we reconcile this belief with the truth that we all are finite?  Do we really think we know precisely the mind of God?

Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary defines Christian as:  “of, pertaining to or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings”.  As long as someone makes the effort to follow the example and teachings of Jesus, they should be considered the right kind of Christian.  If their beliefs are different than ours, then that should be cause for contemplation, not condemnation.


[1]   Jamie B. Cheaney, “You be the judge”, World, April 18, 2015, p. 26.

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