This blog has been somewhat sporadic the past few months.  The reason has been because we are moving to a new house.  Moving has been an interesting experience.  It is similar to when my computer crashed about year ago.  So much of my life is based upon the routine—I know where my books are, I know where all the kitchen utensils are, I know where all the tools in my garage are.  Routine is good in that it enables us finite humans to cope with the complexity of life.  I do not have photographic memory so I do not remember where I last put that tool.  Therefore, if I always put that tool in a particular location, I always know where it is.

The problem is that when that routine is disrupted, it produces stress, discomfort, and uncertainty.  It takes time to determine where to put all my stuff in a new house.  And more likely than not, I will change my mind about where to place a particular item a couple of times.  Meanwhile, when I want a particular item, it takes a while to find out where I put it.

Our belief system operates in the same way as the routines we all follow.  Our beliefs help us make sense of this world and our lives.  They simplify life in that we use our beliefs to quickly make decisions without a lot of analysis.  We use our beliefs to quickly interpret and make sense of the events we experience.  Because our belief system is so critical to our lives, determining if our belief system is valid should be a top priority.  Instead, most of us just accept what we have been taught or what we pick up from those with whom we associate.  Is this a smart way to live our lives?

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