A growing profession that most of us have never heard of is the personal historian.  These professionals seek to document the struggles, failures, and successes of ordinary people, not just the famous. In describing the purpose of writing one’s memoir Beth McNellen states:  “Memoir forces people to look inward. . .What soul have you forge as you overcame the obstacles of your struggle?  It’s all you have hope in now.” [1]

Throughout our entire lives, throughout our struggles, actions, lack of actions, failures, and successes we are becoming a particular type of person.  And the question each of us must ask is:  What type of person is that?  As Christians our answer should be that we are becoming more like Christ.  But are we?  Is our first priority believing in the right doctrines or doing the hard work required to renovate of our soul so it is more like Christ?


[1]   Lynn Vincent, “The Examined Life”, World, June 14, 2014, pp. 61-62.

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