Ignoring Data

Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who had a rare illness.  Bacterial meningitis attacked the cortex of his brain which essentially shut down this part of his brain for seven days.  The cortex controls memory, language, emotions, visual and auditory awareness, and logic—basically all the parts of the brain that make us human.  During this time he had what many would call a near death experience which transformed him from a scientist who dismissed the idea that anything beyond the material world existed to one who now is convinced the spiritual world is an essential part of our lives.

In his book, Dr. Alexander is critical of those who refuse to look at the data that exists on spiritual matters although he admits he once did the same.  He says:  “They believe they know the truth without needing to look at the facts.” [1]  He is right.  There are many who refuse to even look at the data which indicates that more than our material world exists.  How can one claim to be a seeker of truth if one ignores readily available data?

However, the same statement also applies to us Christians.  We believe we know the truth but if questions are raised about our faith, we need to address them and not ignore them.  In this blog, we have raised three questions about the doctrine of salvation (see My Beliefs).  Will Christians address those questions or will they ignore them?  The choice is ours.


[1]   Eben Alexander, M.D., Proof of Heaven, New York:  Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2012, p. 153.

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