Why Is God Good?

Someone once told me about an episode on TV (I think it was a “Twilight Zone” episode) in which aliens came to earth and addressed the United Nations.  They demanded that we change our ways and left.  The nations of the world got together, made peace, and rid the earth of most of the weapons.  Well, the aliens came back to earth to see what we earthlings had accomplished and were outraged—they had wanted us to become more warlike.

This episode raises a question in my mind—why is God good?  Why should or why would the ultimate authority of the universe be good?  Is good something that is greater than God and God had no choice?

Why should we be good?  Is it just that God is the most powerful force in the universe?  That would mean “might makes right”.  Are we willing to accept that premise?  If we do, then if God was evil, we also should be evil.

Most of us do not believe that “might makes right”.  If we do not, then being good just because God is good is not a valid reason for being good.  So why should we be good?  Is there something about being good that is inherent in itself that should make us want to do what is right?

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