Dreams, Visions, and Goals

I have been reading Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership.  In his chapter “Start with a Dream, End with a Goal” he emphasizes that we must have dreams and a vision of where we want to go.  However, there comes a time where we must put those dreams and visions into action.  Having dreams and visions accomplishes nothing other than to occupy our time.  It is only when we take action that we turn those dreams and visions into reality.

Do we think it is any different in our spiritual lives?  Do we think that the only thing God cares about is our belief system?  Is God totally unconcerned about turning our belief system into reality?  Does God care whether we actually implement our belief system or not?

If you have been following this blog, you will have noticed that we have pointed out several areas in our lives were our actions are considered to be just as important as our beliefs.  Do we think this is true in all areas of our lives except for our spiritual lives?

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