Better Questions

The title of this blog is “A Christian Dialectic”.  A dialectic is the “discussion and reasoning by dialogue as a method of intellectual investigation”.  It employs the Socratic technique of relentlessly asking questions to expose false beliefs and with the goal of discovering beliefs that are valid.  The purpose of this blog is to ask questions about our Christian faith in order to better understand it.

Some might think it is not necessary to ask questions because the Bible gives us all the answers we need.  However, that statement is demonstratively false.  First, it is obvious that we are finite.  Being finite means that while the Bible in infallible, our interpretation of it is not.  Second, all the different Christian religions and denominations that exist are evidence people interpret the Bible very differently.  Therefore, we must ask questions in order to determine the correct interpretation of the Bible.

I like the way John Mark Reynolds addresses the issue of asking questions about our faith:  “Knowing revealed truth leads to better questions, not to the end of questions.” [1]


[1]   John Mark Reynolds, When Athens Met Jerusalem, Downers Grove, IL:  InterVarsity Press, 2009, p. 253.

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  1. Ravi says:

    These elements are itmorpant: (1) Prayer. Everything you do must be bathed with prayer. God can still do the impossible. (2) Respect. You can respect your friend and his or her journey without agreeing with the conclusions your friend has reached. (3) Listening. As you listen to your friend, and affirm those things that are good about your friend’s process, you earn the right to be heard. (4) Love. If your friend knows how much you care, that speaks volumes.The Easy Bible is designed to help you sustain a conversation over a period of weeks and months with your friend who is out there on the edge. The open ended questions at the end of each day’s reading allows you to have the kind of conversation with your friends where each person feels validated, but the gospel and God’s word have a chance to do their work in human hearts.Hope this helps!Dwight

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