Asking the Right Questions

At times, one finds simple truths in the most unexpected places.  For example, this past weekend, I watched an action/science fiction/fantasy movie for pure escapism.  However, the movie had a scene that told a truth which is simple but rarely applied.  In the move, Thor, who was in line to become king in his realm, was banished to earth.  Because of his sudden change in fortune, he was at a loss of what to do or believe. Eric, a scientist on earth, asked Thor if it was really so bad that he found out he did not have all the answers because being aware of that fact might now lead him to start asking the right questions. [1]

So many Christians are so confident that they have all the right answers.  However, the fact that God made us finite should make it obvious that what we think are the right answers are in fact, as Paul put it, a poor reflection of reality (1 Corinthians 13:12)..  The book of Job and Ecclesiastes also make it clear that we are very limited in our ability to know what is true.  Sometimes it takes a traumatic event or series of events to bring us to this realization.  It certainly did for Thor as well as myself.  However we get to this point, recognizing this fact should give us the motivation to ask a variety of questions about the Bible and our interpretation of the Bible.  And that is the purpose of this blog—to ask questions; hopefully they are the right questions.


[1]  Kenneth Branagh, Director, Thor, with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Middleston, and Anthony Hopkins, Paramount/Marvel Entertainment, 2011.

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