Culture of Deceit

I subscribe to World magazine which is a Christian version of Time or Newsweek.  An editorial by Joel Belz titled “Our Culture of Deceit” asserts our politics and culture are saturated with dishonesty and he offers plenty of examples.  He also states that we Christians are not immune to that problem. [1]

One form of dishonesty is to ignore evidence that contradicts one’s beliefs.  Christians do this because they are so convinced their belief system is true that they have stopped looking for the truth.  They are right in asserting that God’s word is infallible however we must interpret God’s word and our interpretation is very fallible.  All the different versions of Christianity prove that at least some of our interpretations are in error; they all use the same Bible but come to very different conclusions about what it says.

In this blog, we have discussed several issues that call into question the validity of Christianity’s doctrine of salvation.  However, I have seen very few Christian who are willing to discuss these issues.  Most just say that these questions are interesting and then proceed to ignore them.  Why?  Is not ignoring legitimate questions a form of deceit?  We can believe anything we want if we ignore all evidence that is contrary to that belief.


[1]   Joel Belz, “Our culture of deceit”, World, December 15, 2012, p. 4.

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