Assistance in Knowing Truth

The human condition tells us we are finite.  The human condition tells us if we want to overcome our limitations, we must work with other people.  Therefore, we humans have devised a variety of institutions, such as government, education, business, science, and religion to name a few, to organize ourselves in order to improve our existence.  To which of these institutions should we turn for guidance on what is true?  Government is primarily concerned with holding power which limits its perspective to mainly the here and now, not our long-term existence.  The educational system is designed to pass on a culture’s traditions to the young.  While it has an influence in deciding what is true, it follows the directions of a society more than directs it.  Business is mainly concerned with money and our material existence; like education, it follows the directions of society in terms of determining what is true rather than directs it.

Science and religion are two institutions which do have something to say about what is true and false in our lives so in the next few blogs we will evaluate their ability to guide us.

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