This blog is just over one year old.  During that time we have discussed questions about the Christian doctrine of salvation and God’s sovereignty.  In addressing those questions, we have not followed the doctrines of any one church.  Rather we have attempted to find answers which are both grounded in the Bible and in logic.  In addition, we have made use of the human condition to help answer our questions.  As we have stated before, learning how and why God constructed us the way he did can teach us much about God and how he relates to us.

One of the better descriptions of the human condition is given by a nobleman in King Edwin’s court (7th century) when Edwin was debating whether to convert to Christianity or not.  The nobleman stated that the life of man is like the flight of a bird in the king’s hall in winter, from darkness to darkness. [1]  We are so finite, we so limited in what we can know but very few individuals recognize that fact.  Most of us rather arrogantly assume our belief system is the correct one.  We should be more like the nobleman in Edwin’s court who encouraged a thoughtful consideration of this new idea called Christianity because it might reveal something of our origins and ultimate goals. [2]

In future blogs we will continue to address issues concerning the Christian doctrine of salvation, God’s sovereignty, and how God relates to us but we will also explore other topics such as proofs for the Christian faith.  As always, we will do so by asking questions and following wherever those questions lead us  Like any explorer, we do not know precisely where these paths might lead but is not that the nature of our existence, of life?


[1]   Richard Fletcher, The Barbarian Conversion, New York:  Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1997, p. 5.

[2]   Ibid.

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