Lawsuits between Christians

This is the second blog on examples of why non Christians have little interest in investigating Christianity.

These days we constantly read about Christians filing lawsuits against other Christians.  Liberal and conservative wings of a denomination file lawsuits over church property.  Christians sue each other over alleged slander.  Faculty and former faculty of a Christian university file lawsuits against the university management.

Why are Christians taking their disputes to secular courts for resolution?  It is very plain the Bible forbids such actions.  In 1 Corinthians 6:1-8 Paul uses strong language in taking the Corinthians for task for bringing their differences to secular courts.  Paul’s argument is that in the afterlife Christians will judge the world and angels.  This life is to be a preparation for the next.  So how can we prepare to judge the world and angels unless we start practicing here on earth?  Paul wonders why we are not able to find individuals in the church who are qualified to judge such matters.

Instead of learning how to resolve our own problems, we take our disputes to the secular courts because our sinful self wants its own way, our sinful self wants a bit more wealth, or our sinful self wants its bruised ego healed.  It is obvious we are more concerned about our ego or material possessions than about living the new life God has planned for us.  The result is that we ignore what God says.  If we ignore what God says, how can we claim to be Christians?

Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:15-17 how we are to handle disputes with fellow Christians.  If a Christian brother sins against us, we are to first discuss that problem with our brother.  If the brother will not listen, we are to take one or two other Christians with us to convince our brother of his error.  If the brother still will not listen, we are to bring the issue to the attention of the church.  If the brother will not listen to the entire church, then we are to treat him as an outcast.

This is a good system because it requires that we ensure we have a legitimate complaint because we must convince other Christians of the validity of our position before we publicly confront a fellow Christian with whom we have a dispute.

Imagine if Christians never took each other to court to resolve their differences but resolved the problems they faced within the Christian community.  Imagine the inquisitiveness of the world when they saw that Christians would rather be wronged (suffer financially, suffer the loss of a right) rather than take a fellow Christian to court (Matthew 5:40 and I Corinthians 6:7).

Jesus tells us Christians are the light of the world and we are to so live our lives so others “may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”. (Matthew 5:16)  Are lawsuits between Christians an example of the good works Jesus was talking about?  They are not but instead, as Paul tells us, they are a signal of defeat for Christianity (1 Corinthians 6:6).

Part of the reason Christians file lawsuits against other Christians is because they see Christianity just as a belief system.  All they need to do is to believe in Jesus and his death for their sins and they will be saved.  Implementing Jesus’ teachings is not important.  They do not see Christianity as a new life we must live, as the necessary renovation of our sinful soul.  If we want Christianity to have an impact on this world, that must change.


In the next blog, we will examine the reputation Christians have of being very judgmental.

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4 Responses to Lawsuits between Christians

  1. Tyrese says:

    Thanks, all, for the tthughoful comments. Human depravity is indeed extensive, resulting in professing Christians sometimes behaving foolishly. Fortunately, our hope is in Christ and his claims rather than in fallible human beings.

    • admin says:

      Yes, our hope is in Jesus Christ but that does not give Christians an excuse for not following Jesus’ teachings. The point of this blog is the Bible teaches our salvation is not just a matter of belief, it is the change of our soul so it becomes like God. We start to change our soul when we start to follow Jesus’ teachings.

      • Damion says:

        that the fall not only affected our moral fclauties, but also our ability to reason and observe God in creation (hence Romans 1-2). The true God is revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ.Why do you follow the bible?Because it’s the word of God.I want to ask you a question: why do you follow rationalism?I think you’ll find that both our answers are just as circular as one another Does it not help you to get closer to God? If it does, then why doesn’t everyone get a chance to be closer to God?You are assuming a premise that I reject. Humanity doesn’t deserve to get a chance to be closer to God. We’re sinners. God is holy, righteous, and just, and can’t look upon evil. However, in grace, mercy and love, God has sent his Son Jesus to live as we can’t, to die the death we deserve, and be raised again for his people. Those who put their faith in him get to get closer to God , but never deserve it.3) Here is where you’re assuming a) unqualified omnibenevolence and b) that the Bible means the same thing every time when it uses the word love . The love of God that causes him to send rain and sun on the evil and the good is not the same kind of love that redeems from hell and restores relationship. My message to you is this: the fact that God has continued to show patience and love to you in taking care of you and providing for your needs should lead you to repentance. There will come a time when that this grace is no longer given, and God holds you to account for your life. Do you really think that you’ll be able to stand on that day with arguments like this? If what I believe is true, there is no possible way you will. Put your trust in the righteous one, Jesus Christ. There’s a reason why my article is titled “Proof against (an all loving) god”. It’s because any god that exists, as you clearly point out, is hate-filled, vengence-filled and plain unfair.I didn’t clearly point out anything of the sort. Just because God hates doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also love. Your argument is against unqualified omnibenevolence, which I, orthodox Christians, and the Bible, reject.

        • admin says:

          I think you missed the whole point of my argument. That evil and suffering exist in our world is undeniable. The question is: What is the origin of that evil and suffering? If Christians believe that God controls all events on earth, then God is the source of that evil and suffering. However, my belief is different. I believe God gave us free will and we humans are the source of all that evil and suffering. If we want to eliminate evil and suffering from our world, then it is up to us to do so, not up to God.

          You seem to question why I would use reason instead of the Bible. If you have looked at several of my blogs, you will see that I do use the Bible. However, all the different Christian religions and denominations which have different views of what the Bible says demonstrate we must have some help in interpreting what God says. I choose to use reason. What do you use?

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