Theological Proof

K. Chesterson has stated: “original sin . . .is the only part of Christian theology which can really be proven”. [1]  Now I do not know what all Chesterson includes in his doctrine of original sin but most doctrinal statements at which I have looked focus solely on our rebellion against God and our sinful nature.  However, there is another aspect of our existence that was impacted by original sin which, for some reason, does not merit much theological discussion.  This additional aspect is the fact that we are finite.  No one doubts this doctrine.  Even Chesterson alludes to this doctrine when he emphasizes the need for mystery to aid our understanding.  “. . . man can understand everything by the help of what he does not understand”. [2]  To recognize that mystery exists for us is to recognize that we do not know everything.  There would be no mystery if we were not finite.

However, being finite poses problems for our theology.  Our theology states that we must believe in Jesus and his death and resurrection for our sins in order to be saved.  If we are finite, how can we have certainty that Jesus did die and was raised again for our sins?  Maybe that is why there is not much theological discussion on this aspect of the human condition.


[1]   G. K. Chesterson, Orthodoxy, Kindle edition, p. 7.

[2]   Ibid., p. 20.

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