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Two Aspects of Faith

To be a Christian, one must believe in certain historical events—that Jesus existed, died, and was resurrected.  As we have seen previously, this requires an element of faith because we do not have absolute proof these events actually occurred.  They … Continue reading

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A Question

As we have previously discussed in this blog, Christianity has a wealth of evidence for its beliefs; it is a very reasonable belief.  However, this fact does not mean it is irrational not to believe in Christianity.  There are two … Continue reading

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The Limits of Apologetics

Given all the evidence we have cited in the last blog, why does not everyone accept Christianity as true? First, there are many people who have not heard of Jesus.  John Sanders, in his book What About Those Who Have … Continue reading

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The Validity of Christianity

As stated in the last blog, we are starting on a series dealing with the validity of Christianity.  This will not be a course in apologetics.  There are plenty of other sources that can address that topic much better than … Continue reading

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